Chamber Music

Chamber Music composed by David Rimelis (Partial Listing)

String Quartets

Pictures of Emily,
or Emily Hart’s memorial service

for Madison String Quartet

Transatlantic Segue,
for The Ridgewood Education association

An American Dream,
for Madison String Quartet

Ripe August,
for Madison String Quartet

Air To An Orange Moon,
for Madison String Quartet

Caprice En Groove,
for the Green String Quartet

for the Montclair Composers Forum

The Pull of The Eye,
for the Montclair Composers Forum


Violin and Cello duets

Donegal Jig
Shetland Waltz
Shetland Waltz Live
Black Angus Reel
Noche Azule
Dos Locos Amigos

for Ruth and Lamar Alsop Duo

Violin and cello duet
The Star-Spangled Banner NOLA
for Fred Zlotkin and Glen Dicterow Duo

Viola Duets

3 Poems by Rumi 

1)The Guest House
2)I See My Beauty In You
3)Out Beyond Ideas

Cuban Delights

4)Cafe Con Leche

A Day In Acadia

1)Freds Loungs 8 am
2)Lunch at Mulates
3)Midnight at El Sidos

viola duets composed for the
Scott Slapin Tanya Solomon viola duo

Piano and Violin

5 Stages of Grief
for Grace Church of Montclair NJ

Solo Cello

Alone with my thoughts

Music for Winds

for clarinet, Alto Saxophone, and Piano
The Plumber
The Photographer
The Ambulance Driver
The Elevator Operator
The Mystery Writer
The Street Vendor
for SoundMoves

Woodwind Quintet

Three Steppin’ Pieces 

for Woodwind Quintet 

w/ solo Flute, Clarinet, and Horn

  1. Purple Sneakers
  2. Haunter Socks
  3. Calypso Toes

for the Aspen Wind Quintet

Saxophone Quartet

1)The Know It All
2) the Flirt
3)The Wall Flower
4)The Happy Host
for The Left Coast Sax Quartet

Bb trumpet and Alto Sax

Brothers From Another Mother
(sisters from another mister)

1)Kids Stuff
2)Growing Pains
3)Livin’ the Dream
for Ridgewood NJ Education Association

Brass Quintet

Get This Show On The Road
for Calliope

Saxophone Choir


for Ridgewood NJ Education Association