Pieces for Family and Young Audiences

PHIL HARMONIC AND HIS FABULOUS ORCHESTRA 19’ Narrator perc (2) : Piano : Strings : Compact Disc


Phil Harmonic is the John Henry or Paul Bunyan of music traveling the world saving people with his orchestral sounds. When he meets Cid Digital, who says he can make all the music Phil can make but with just a computer. Cid Challenges Phil to a musical duel and the sparks start to fly. In the end they team up and learn that technology and tradition can work together.

SYMPHONY STREET 20’ Narrator perc(2) Synth:Strings


Once upon a time on a street called Symphony Street there lived four families, the strings, percussion, woodwinds and the brass. The families never never got to know each other they each thought the others were different and strange. Until one day the small children (fl.vln.trp & xylo) went on an adventure and got into trouble. The parents had to come and save them but no one family could do it alone, all the instruments had to work together. From that day on all the families began playing working together as an orchestra.

SYMFARI 15’ Narrator perc (3) : piano/harp: Strings

An exiting tour through the wild and beautiful land of the orchestra with each member of the woodwinds brass strings and percussion described as an amazing creature with its own unique sound and character. The piece ends with a celebration in which all the instruments take part.

SYMPHONY SOUND 5’ Vocalist set :Strings

Why would a woodwind share a tune with a violin? why would a tuba toot to a timpani? This song demonstrates the different families of instruments, showing how they all come together to be part of the “Symphony Sound.” One time through this sing along and you’ll be humming it all the way home.

A TRIP TO THE DENTIST Narrator 5’ 2.2.:2 perc: pno: Strings (can be done with narr. 1 perc & pno)

This story explores the sound effects of the percussion family and the audience .Leave your inhibitions at home be prepared to moan ,groan ,wine , scream and anything else you can think of.

JAZZ IS JUST A CHILD OF THE BLUES 5’ Vocalist set : pno:Strings

Ffrom Blues to Bop and beyond, This sing along history of the periods and styles of Jazz is a lesson in American music for kids of all ages.

A VIOLIN A VIOLA A CELLO AND A BASS 6’ Vocalist, Drum set and Strings

A Violin a Viola a Cello and a bass will never be the same after introduction to the string section with a rock and roll beat. By the end of this song everyone will be singing.

ALL THE BRASS ARE HERE 6’Vocalist 1hrn.1trp.1trb.1tuba ( can be doubled and strings added)

A funky introduction to the sounds and personalities of those musical metal wind machines. Audience pariicipation is unavoidable once this groove gets going.

THREE STEPPIN” PIECES 10' Wind Quintet with added fl, clar, horn (or alto sax).

This 3 movement piece commissioned by the Aspen Wind Quintet is designed for a group of professional musicians to take high level high school students on flue, clarinet, or horn/ alto sax and have them sit in . Each lively movement “Purple Sneakers” “Haunted Socks” and “Calypso Toes” features a new soloist.

JOBS 15' Alto Sax (viola), Clarinet (violin) , Piano

Each of the six short movements is written to describe a different Job such as The Plumber, The Elevator Operator, The Ambulance Driver, The Photagrapher ,The Mystery Writer and The Street Vender. The musicians often dress as their favorite worker.

MELODY, HARMONY, RHYTHM 6’ Vocalist set: Pno:Strings

You got Melody, that’s the tune you tweet, Harmony makes it sound so sweet, Ryhthm, makes you want to move your feet, Put them all together now the song’s complete. A swing along ,sing along that teaches about these important parts of music.

BEAT THE FEET 5’ Vocalist set:Pno:Strings

Who says a symphony orchestra can’t rap ? When you finish singing this rap you’ll know about the beat ,quarter ,half and whole notes to. This sing along is not only for the audience but the orchestra too !! .

HIGH LOW FAST SLOW 6’Vocalist set:Pno:Strings

While grooving to a reggae beat we learn and sing about four essential elements of all music. When I sing high it’s like a bird with a beak or a mouse with a squeak. When I sing low it’s like a lions roar or an elephants snore.

BEETHOVEN PLAYED 10’ Narrator perc(1)pno :Strings

From his early childhood to his triumph over deafness , This piece dramatizes scenes from the life of one of the greatest musicians of all time. Excerpts from his most well known pieces are used throughout the story.


A musical trip around the world that keeps everyone singing along the way. Music from Ireland, the middle east, mexico and more.

IT’S A LEARNING PARTY 5’ Vocalist set:Pno:Strings

Everybody’s different but one thing is for sure, we all have the need to know a little more. This sing along is a call to knowledge with an island beat

WE NEED MUSIC 5’ Vocalist set:Pno:Strings

We need music, we need art, to build your mind and fill your heart ! A free for all sing -along featuring everyone in the orchestra.

COOL GHOUL 4’ Narrator set :Strings


A fun and funky not - too scary Halloween piece

SANTA’S MAKIN’ THE SCENE 5’ jazz soloist : drums : Strings

A swingin’ and creative take on a holiday standard (it is recommended that the soloist dress up as Santa for their entrance in the middle of the piece)

THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA 4’ Narrator two solo violins : Drum set : Strings

The familiar story of how the devil challenged a boy to a fiddling contest.

THE PULL OF THE EYE 10’ String Quartet and 4 vcrs / Televisions

This piece explores the relationship between media and sound. Movement one “Sound Residue” is a study of how the memory of a scene we’ve just seen is effected by music we are now hearing. Movement two “Panarama” is a perfect cannon played in the strings while for the four screens show the same film in cannon. Movement three is a zany mixture of sight and sound with each performers pre taped reaction to the music running on screen behind each player as the music unfolds.

Please Turn Your Cell Phone On!! 8’30 Sampler(to play cell phone rings) Drum set :Strings


A hilarious duet between cell phones ringing and orchestra playing with a section where the audience actually ring their phones on cue to the music.

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